We have for sale a very rare and simply unrivalled original  4-door MK1 Ford Escort Mexico with correct Vin Plate to substantiate this.


Finished in Tawney Brown this is your chance to own a piece of history with being the very very rare 4-door Mk1 Ford Escort Mexico, Having AVO credentials with stunning pin sharp panel gaps and glossy uniformed paintwork along with added chrome work in immaculate condition you can see why Ford dominated the 1970 London to Mexico World Cup Rally and subsequently the name was born. Having the correct early shell and all the unique parts common to a two door Mexico this is truly amazing!


The vehicle can only be described as amazing in Tawney Brown, The paintwork looks glossy proudly displaying the coach lines and the larger flared wheel arches, All of the glass remains original along with the chrome work and headlamp grill surround, Followers will note the headlamps and rear lights all remain genuine. Badges are in good condition and present well. With astounding AVO workmanship and AVO Mexico chassis reinforcements including the underside stone guard fixings, strengthened chassis rails, strengthened flitch plates, reinforced front suspension strut top mounting plates, rear radius rods this presents a very charming vehicle.


Described as simple factory standard, With correct Mexico black padded Vinyl specification fixed seats with horizontal perforated bands which are in excellent condition along with door cards and carpets, Having a fully functional early dished 8,000rpm tacho along with the six dial dash cluster with additional wood trim, heater fan, two speed wiper, courtesy light, Rs three spoke steering wheel, All original as Ford intended.


Burbling away under the bonnet sits a 1600 cc Crossflow engine thanks to having a full rebuild it idles and runs smoothly, Having virtually all mechanical items replaced in the engine as well as on the outside, Along with the wiring loom being re-made and refitted under the bonnet looks nothing but simply original, The 4-speed  synchromesh gearbox works as intended due to a previous overhaul by First Motion Transmissions.


Sitting on early slotted steel wheels 5.5 inch along with 13 inch tyres on each corner finished with the chrome centre wheel caps all in immaculate condition. With vacuum servo-assistance brakes with a standard single line braking system with M16 front callipers run on solid discs and rear drum brakes.


Built in Aveley By Fords Advanced Vehicle Operations factory this is one super rare vehicle, First registered on the 10th August 1972 when a local shopkeeper went into his local Ford main dealership and asked if it was possible to buy a Mexico with four doors. After a couple of phone calls to Aveley, they confirmed that they could build a four-door car to full Mexico specification for an extra £45 (quite a lot of money in those days). Perhaps they assumed that the increase in price would deter the potential buyer, but it didn't and the four-door car was ordered there and then. What makes this such a rare car is in that only six were ever produced by Ford, Four white exhibits went to the Jersey Police, Another one was a test and development car and this Tawney Brown model went out into the public domain, The specification for this model is exactly as per Mexico's in two doors. This vehicle was subject to a full restoration three-years ago by marque specialist, Tony Collins of Car and Classic Restorations in Herne Bay, and the quality of the work is evident today. The history file is comprehensive and contains everything you would want to see, substantiating its provenance including a letter from Ford AVO confirming that its a Mexico four-door. This level of detail is possibly as a result of the car being owned by one of the AVO Club Registrars in the past.

The vehicles in amazing condition a piece of history along with the Mexico name and Ford badge, This will take proud stage in any private Ford collection for a Blue oval fanatic this is as rare as they come and only one chance to add it to your collection due to their not being another genuine example retaining the originality. With historic invoices and previous owners details along with AVO credentials you could not ask for a more documented timeline of a vehicles history, Truly remarkable.

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